Friday, March 19, 2010

Google Products - SEO

I have been working on the SEO for one of my clients - and have had a lot of success working on the SEO for his Google Products listing also... It is surprising how this can grab a little-tapped market.

I simply have a RSS feed of my products in a manner requested by Google, and submit the feed to Google Products database. The feed is dynamic - and changes whenever products change using ASP.Net

However, lately I have enhanced it a bit with better success. I still use the page meta-description for the Google product description, but I use a special field for the Google Product name, so we can tailor it for Google Product searches.

Normally I found it to be best practice to include a good product name (with relevant keywords), followed by the package/product size or weight in parenthesis. The product name should include the keywords AND be user-friendly to read. The description should include keywords AND be a good sales pitch.

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