Friday, April 9, 2010

link rel="image_src" - whats this for?

I saw this in a page and was trying to figure out what this was used for..
[link rel="image_src" href="linktoimage.jpg" /]

Basically, when you submit/share this to Facebook , this helps Facebook determine which image to put next to the link. If this is not present, Facebook tries to put in the first image it finds on the page, which may not be the best one to represent your site. (NOTE: Facebook also uses your meta title and meta description tags.)

I am hoping that someday that search engines will use this to put thumbnails of this image in their results display... But oh well. Until then, it will help with social sharing. Since Facebook is such a large resource, this is currently an important thing to consider.


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  1. Opera 11.10 can also use link rel="image_src" for large icons in Speed Dial.

  2. Facebook uses it when you post a webpage...

  3. I think the tag not only for facebook interest. You can use it too in your posting.

  4. Facebook will also associate if you set a meta tag with property="og:image"

  5. Thanks for the tip.
    Another tip : if you want to repost a link on Facebook, because, for instance, you updated an article, you will see that Facebook will display the thumb it used to display the first time you shared the link. My tip : add "#whatever" at the end of your link before you paste it on your wall. Facebook will see a new link (pointing to the right page) and look for a new thumb. Then, before submitting, you can edit your link to remove "#whatever"

  6. It's somehow better than Thumbnail method

  7. In blogger image_src is better than than data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl.
    example: Best Music Cover