Sunday, July 25, 2010

Optimizing a website for Speed

There are several techniques that can be used to optimize your website for speed. And remember, one of the things Google considers now is your website speed.

The basics include
1) Compressing resource files (like .css and js)
2) Minimizing the number of files linked/imbedded in a web page.
3) Optimizing the size of images used on the web page

NOTE: if a css file referenced on all pages references multiple images for backgrounds - make sure that most of them are really used on all pages. If not - consider referencing them only on pages where needed.

So for my websites, I am taking all the common css files for a page (often separated for specific wigits or sections) and compressing them into one .css file for the site. I do the same for the javascript... Of course, this is only after the site is approved for look/feel by the client so I don't have to redo this. And I keep the un-compressed versions available for later editing if needed... since these will have all my comments and easy-to-read formatting.

If a .css or .js file is only needed on a few pages, I only include a compressed version of that file where needed. (and I use the compressed version here too...) But overall, this has proved to be a good strategy for minimizing website overhead - and increasing speed.


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