Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Twitter Bootstrap - IE8 Issues & Fixes - Slow Performance?

I am almost finished with my first Bootstrap layout.

Overall, it was very intuitive - and my first use of media queries with CSS.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with some buggy issues with IE8 - but there are tricks to get around these.... will post soon.

ISSUE 1: Slow performance with IE8 - 10 second load times

FIX:  put script tags at the very end - like in bootstrap examples.  It made a HUGE impact on speed.

ISSUE 2: Menu doesnt have mouse-over option by default.

FIX: there is a plugin available to add this feature:

NOTE: .... Just as I finished one Bootstrap client, and started another, Twitter bootstrap came out with a new release V3 which is VERY different - but based on the same concepts.  Oh well.   V2 works fine for first client.  Will be using V3 for second.

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