Monday, December 29, 2008

Importing Contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo using C#

Many of the social bookmark services offer a means to import/invite people from your online email accounts... This is a great feature.... Honestly, I was a bit afraid of it at first. However, I do see the usefulness of it.

I have found some help (C#) to do this... I do have some websites that this would help with... particularly those with marketing, contact lists, and newsletter features. It can be rather useful..

Yahoo class:

Google documentation:

Live/Hotmail documentation:

I will update this with any insights as I find it... and try it out.

Where to use it:

Lets say you have a "newsletter" or "prospect management" or "social" web-software. You can use such tools to import new contacts or friends and jump-start your system with your current business/family contacts.


  1. you can use this component with .Net, c# and VB.. Worked on our web site like a dream and works with all the major providers, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook Express, Firefox and so on..

    We tried a number of ways even creating our own but was no good because the email providers (hotmail etc,) kept on changing their web sites making our code break.. Dont waist your time. Life is too short.

    They also do hourly testing to make sure it works.

  2. Hi mister,

    any samples or full source code for import contacts for:

    Gmail - Google

    Hotmail - Live




    any suggestions for using Unit Test, not ASP.NET ?

  3. When you get such problems you can contact to the Yahoo technical support contact number so that you can get the help as quick as possible. The technicians are also confident that they are giving their best service to the clients.
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