Sunday, December 14, 2008

RSS feeds... images and html

I was building a RSS feed for a client... They have an MLM-tool site promoting some health enhancing products like Max GXL (made by Max International) for Max International associates.

This site helps the different MLM associates to gain leads... (By the way - if you have a MLM business and need some tools for your team to build their downline, send me an email.. I am happy to build one for you too. )

I had trouble with the image tags... They didnt like to display in the RSS feed. I knew that it was possible.. Yahoo did it. Anyone else having trouble with putting images or other html inside RSS feeds? View the source and see how it is done.

Look at this... (my model)
Finally I got: to show the images properly.

It didn't take too long to figure out the trick... the opening tags... needed to use the html hex... (ampersand + #60 + semicolon) instead of the opening tag <. The closing tag is normal.. Just view source on the membersrss.aspx - that one has simpler html .

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